The effects of leukemia related SHP2 overexpression on the proliferationand invasion of Lewis lung cancer cells and MAPK signaling pathway
Received:August 06, 2013  Revised:September 15, 2013
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KeyWord:Acoustic contrast agent; Lewis lung carcinoma cell; P38 mitogen-aetivated protein kinase; Proliferation; Invasion
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      To determine the transfection of tyrosine phosphatase SHP2(Src homology phosphyrosyl phosphatase 2) eukaryotic expression (pcDNA3.1SHP2) vectors in mouse Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) cells by ultrasound mediating and to observe SHP2 overexpression on Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) cell proliferation and invasion and molecular mechanism of influence. Methods After addition of pcDNA3.1SHP2 vectors and 5μL LipofectamineTM 2000, mice Lewis lung carcinoma cells (LLC) is added to each well of 6-well plates were explored to diagnose ultrasound irradiation dose 60s in the presence(200μL) ultrasound agent. Expression of SHP2 and P38 protein was determined y by Western blotting. MTT, scratch test and Transwell system were used to detect the proliferation, migration and invasion of LLC cells, after 48h. Results Overexpression of SHP2 gene in LLC cells could be detected and phosphorylation p38 up-expression by Western blotting. Overexpression of SHP2 increased significantly cell proliferation, migration and invasion. Conclusion Overexpression SHP2 enhances tumor cell proliferation, migration and invasion, and preliminarily confirmed SHP2 overexpression may activate mitogen-activated protein (MAPK) signaling pathway promotes malignant progression of tumor cells.
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