Bilateral vagotomy and carotid arteries combined cutting method Establishment of rat model of acute focal cerebral ischemia animal model experimental study
Received:April 03, 2013  Revised:April 03, 2013
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KeyWord:Combined cutting method;cerebral ischemia;animal mode
张大维 吉林大学白求恩医学院动物实验中心
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      Abstract:Objectives: To establish a simple acute cerebral ischemia animal model. Methods: 40 male Wistar rats, weighing 200- 230grams, all rats fasting before operation12 hours, free drinking water, were randomly divided into control group, A, B and C group, D group and model group,4,10 each. A groups: sham operation group, only cut on both sides of the neck skin, separation of bilateral internal carotid arteries and vagus nerve, not cut off, and then stitched; group B: only the section of bilateral cervical vagus nerve; group C: only ligated and transected bilateral common carotid artery (CCA ); group D: combined group, namely the ligated and transected cervical total arterial ( CCA ), at the same time section of bilateral cervical vagotomy. Rats were observed after the operation of cerebral ischemic symptoms, rats were recorded within 8 hours of death, more than 8 hours of the death of the animal in8hours, calculation of mortality and death time. Results: A rats had no symptoms of cerebral ischemia, no death; group B rats without symptoms of cerebral ischemia, slow breathing becomes deep, heart rate and blood pressure to rise, but no deaths; the rats in group C part of cerebral ischemic symptoms, ptosis, activity ability is low, a reduction in spontaneous locomotion, but also some rat postoperative spontaneous exercise increases, in 8 h in no deaths; the rats in group D most appeared more obvious symptoms of cerebral ischemia, in full within 8 hours of death. Conclusion: Take the ligation of the bilateral common carotid artery of rats with bilateral cervical vagotomy and cut method, can establish a rat model of acute focal cerebral ischemia animal model, this method has the advantages of simple operation, high success rate, this method has simple operation, high success rate, the slow death of the characteristics of postoperative animals.
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