The positive effect of Crucian carp decoction on the expression of Th17 cells inflammatory factors in rats with nephrosis induced by adriamycin
Received:January 20, 2013  Revised:March 29, 2013
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KeyWord:Crucian carp decoction;IL-17;IL-1β;IL-23;CXCR2;Adriamycin;Nephrosis ;Rats
张勇 青岛大学医学院
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      【Abtract】 Objective Observe the therapeutic effect of Crucian carp decoction on rats with nephrosis induced by adriamycin, and explore the mechanism. Methods Fourty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into Crucian carp decoction group、Irbesartan group、Nephrosis group,and Control group. Nephrosis of rats were induced by a single tail intravenous injection of adriamycin 6.2mg/kg body weight.The rats were administered once oral gavage of Crucian carp decoction group for 9 weeks, urinary protein was checked each week.All rats were killed at week 9.Histological changes were observed by light microscopy and blood biochemical indices were detected. IL-17、IL-23、IL-1β、CXCR2 expression at kidney were measured by immunohistochemistry,serum IL-17、IL-23、IL-1β levels were evaluated by ELISA. Result Rats in Crucian carp decoction group had a higher level of albumin compared with Nephrosis group (P=0.03),a lower level compared with Control group(P=0.01) and the expression of IL-17、IL-23、CXCR2 in kidney were lower compared with Nephrosis group (P=0.01,P=0.01,P=0.02), higher compared with Control group(P=0.04,P=0.007,P=0.05)。Conclusions Increasing Th17 cell inflammatory factors may be the pathogenesis of rats with adriamycin.Crucian carp decoction can improve the albumin level of rats with nephrosis,and alleviate renal impairment induced by IL-17、IL-23and CXCR2.
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