Research progress in zebrafish melanoma model
Received:August 24, 2021  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2022. 03. 015
KeyWord:zebrafish; melanoma; xenograft; metastasis
刘诗成 1. 湖北工业大学 生物工程与食品学院,武汉 ;2. 湖北工业大学 科技部/ 教育部细胞调控与分子药物 “111”引智基地,武汉
张瑞 1. 湖北工业大学 生物工程与食品学院,武汉 ;2. 湖北工业大学 科技部/ 教育部细胞调控与分子药物 “111”引智基地,武汉
唐景峰 1. 湖北工业大学 生物工程与食品学院,武汉 ;2. 湖北工业大学 科技部/ 教育部细胞调控与分子药物 “111”引智基地,武汉
陈兴珍 1. 湖北工业大学 生物工程与食品学院,武汉 ;2. 湖北工业大学 科技部/ 教育部细胞调控与分子药物 “111”引智基地,武汉
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      Zebrafish are commonly used as model animals, and recent developments in techniques such as xenotransplantation for observation of tumor metastasis, and high-throughput screening and safety evaluation of drugs have furthered the study and understanding of diseases. Malignant melanoma is a common malignant skin tumor with high mortality and strong metastasis, and a low 5-year survival rate. In addition, the incidence rate of melanoma has been gradually increasing and the onset age has been getting younger. Zebrafish and human melanocyte development have certain similarities, and the signaling pathways involved in the occurrence and metastasis of malignant melanoma are highly conserved in zebrafish, making zebrafish a common model for studying the pathogenesis and metastasis of melanoma. In this paper, we summarize the application of new zebrafish models and analyze their value for melanoma research.
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