Comparison of the use of intravenous infusion needle and self-made PE-50 tube needle in the measarement of intracavernosal pressure in rat penis
Received:May 05, 2019  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2019. 06. 010
KeyWord:cavernous nerve stimulation; erection dysfunction; intracavernosal pressure; telemetric recording
叶妙勇 浙江中医药大学第二临床医学院,杭州
赵凡 南通大学附属医院泌尿男科,江苏南通
马轲 浙江中医药大学第二临床医学院,杭州
张利棕 浙江中医药大学动物实验研究中心,杭州
方明笋 浙江中医药大学动物实验研究中心,杭州
寿旗扬 浙江中医药大学附属第二医院中心实验室,杭州
马寅锋 浙江中医药大学附属第二医院泌尿外科,杭州
黄文杰 浙江中医药大学附属第二医院泌尿外科,杭州
吕伯东 1. 浙江中医药大学附属第二医院泌尿外科,杭州 ; 2. 浙江中医药大学泌尿男科研究所,杭州
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      Objective To explore the method for detecting intracavernosal pressure ( ICP) under electrostimulation of the cavernous nerve, and to compare the difference between two catheter materials (PE-50 tube needle and intravenous infusion needle) for measurent of ICP. Methods Thirty-six male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly selected: 16 were randomly selected as the control group, and the remaining 20 were used as the experimental group. Intraperitoneal injections of streptozotocin (60 mg/ kg) were given. After 8 weeks, 16 mice of type 1 diabetes were screened. The control and diabetic groups were further divided into two subgroups, with eight rats in each subgroup. ICP was evaluated using PE- 50 tube needles and other eight rats with intravenous infusion needles. Masson trichrome staining and apomorphine experiment confirmed that the diabetic erectile dysfunction (ED) rat model was successfully developed. After confirming the successful establishment of the model, the ICP tests of the penis were performed, and the erectile function data recorded using the PE-50 tube needle and the intravenous infusion needle were compared. Results Masson trichrome staining showed that the diabetic model group had a smaller area of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle, increased collagen area, and decreased ratio of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle area/ collagen area, all of which were statistically significant ( P < 0. 05). The number of erections in the diabetic model group was significantly lower than that in the control group ( P < 0. 01). Maximum ICP, ICP/ mean arterial pressure, and the area under the curve recorded in the normal and diabetic groups using PE-50 tube needles and intravenous infusion needles were not statistically significantly different ( P > 0. 05), but the slopes were significantly different ( P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01). Conclusion Both the PE-50 tube needle and intravenous infusion needle can be used in the measurement of ICP during electrostimulation of the cavernous nerve.
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