Biological properties of porous composite material HAPw / n-ZnO inplanted into the back muscle of tree shrew
Received:January 07, 2019  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2019. 04. 007
KeyWord:HAPw/ n-ZnO porous composite material; ectopic osteogenesis; biological activity; inflammatory reaction; tree shrew
蒋学泉 中国人民解放军联勤保障部队第九二〇医院口腔科 昆明 
张文云 中国人民解放军联勤保障部队第九二〇医院口腔科 昆明 
李娜 中国医学科学院/ 北京协和医学院医学生物学研究所树鼩种质资源中心,昆明 
何武书 中国人民解放军联勤保障部队第九二〇医院口腔科 昆明 
和丽佳 中国人民解放军联勤保障部队第九二〇医院口腔科 昆明 
袁艳波 中国人民解放军联勤保障部队第九二〇医院口腔科 昆明 
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      Objective  To explore the biological properties of the porous composite material HAPw/ n-ZnOimplanted into the back muscles of tree shrew. Methods Fifteen healthy 12-month old male and female tree shrews wereselected, and each of the back muscles were implanted with porous composite materials, including HAPw/ n-Zno, bio-ossbone powder, ATLANTIK artificial bone, and domestic product Jinshi Zhiguling artificial bone. Four animals were randomlysacrificed at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks after surgery, and the gross observation, histopathological examination,alkaline phosphatase activity (ALP), and calcium content were determined. Results The pathological examination usingHE staining revealed calcification in the muscle tissues in both of HAPw/ n-ZnO and control groups. Obvious inflammatorycell infiltration in the muscle tissues was seen in the experimental group. Masson staining showed green-stained collagenfibers around the implanted material in both the experimental and control groups. There were significant differences in thealkaline phosphatase activities and calcium concentration among the experimental, Jinshi Zhiguling artificial bone, and Bio-Oss groups. The result of Jinshi Zhiguling artificial bone and Bio-Oss groups were better than the experimental group, andthere were no significant differences compared with that of ATLANTIK artificial bone group. Conclusions The four kindsof materials have osteogenic activity in the back muscle of tree shrews, with no heterotopic osteogenesis, and induce inflammatory reaction.
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