Advances in research on hyperuricemia in avians
Received:April 05, 2017  
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KeyWord:Hyperuricemia;Avian;Animal model
林志健 北京中医药大学中药学院,北京
李凡 北京中医药大学中药学院,北京
张冰 北京中医药大学中药学院,北京
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      The incidence of hyperuricemia increases year by year. Hyperuricemia is associated with gout, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, etc. The metabolic pathway of uric acid is similar in human and avian species. Experimental or spontaneous hyperuricemia is commonly happened in avian. So that avian species have been used in biological or medicinal research increasingly. In this article, we reviewed the literature of avian hyperuricemia and experimental studies over the last 30 years, and to elucidate the characteristics and mechanisms of avian hyperuricemia models.
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