Advances in research on germ-free pig models
Received:January 30, 2016  
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KeyWord:Germ-free pigs;Animal Model;Research advances
杜蕾 西南大学荣昌校区, 重庆 ;重庆市畜牧科学院, 重庆
孙静 重庆市畜牧科学院, 重庆 ;农业部养猪科学重点实验室, 重庆 ;重庆市养猪科学重点实验室, 重庆
葛良鹏 重庆市畜牧科学院, 重庆 ;农业部养猪科学重点实验室, 重庆 ;重庆市养猪科学重点实验室, 重庆
刘作华 重庆市畜牧科学院, 重庆 ;农业部养猪科学重点实验室, 重庆 ;重庆市养猪科学重点实验室, 重庆
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      Germ-free (GF) pigs are a special and adaptable experimental animal model for biomedical studies and animal productions, which are negative for bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi tested by current microbiological examination. GF pigs were initially used in cleanse of epidemic diseases in animal production and in a bid to study the relationship between animal disease and intestinal flora. Because of the similarities to humans in anatomy, physiology and hematology, and the clear microbiological background, GF pigs have been playing an important role in detecting the relationship between intestinal flora with growth and the development of diseases in medical biology, and also providing a special medical animal model for intestinal flora targeted prevention, diagnosis and treatment for update technology research in the clinic. This paper reviews the characteristics, advancements and research tendency of GF piglets.
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