Observation of the estrous cycle in female NOD/SCID mice
Received:May 11, 2016  
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KeyWord:NOD/SCID mice;Estrous cycle;Vaginal smear;Ovariectomy
甄玉花 广州中医药大学, 广州
宋阳 广州中医药大学, 广州
关永格 广州中医药大学第一附属医院, 广州
李坤寅 广州中医药大学, 广州
胡光云 广州中医药大学, 广州
廖慧慧 广州中医药大学第一附属医院, 广州
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      Objective To observe the changes in estrous cycle and vaginal smears in ovarectomized NOD/SCID mice.Methods To continuously observe the estrous cycle time by vaginal smears of NOD/SCID mice in consecutive nine days, twice daily. After ovariectomy, the changes of estrous cycle were observed by vaginal smears for 7 days.Results The estrous cycle in NOD/SCID mice was 4-6 days. Regular estrous mice accounted for 80%. There was no significant correlation between vaginal opening and estrous cycle status. After ovariectomy, the vaginal smears showed characteristics of metestrus or diestrus. Conclusions Vaginal smear cytology can be used to determine the estrous cycle and characteristics of NOD/SCID female mice.The ovariectomized operation of NOD/SCID female mice is effective.
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