Mechanism and research progress of severe diabetic vasculopathy and related experimental animal studies
Received:December 27, 2015  
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KeyWord:Diabetes mellitus;Vasculopathy;Animal model
冯丽帅 上海交通大学附属第六人民医院介入放射科, 上海
马旭 上海交通大学附属第六人民医院介入放射科, 上海
王建波 上海交通大学附属第六人民医院介入放射科, 上海
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      Diabetes mellitus (DM) complicated with atherosclerosis (AS) is the most common cause of amputation and death in patients with type 2 DM due to the instability of plaque, severe ischemia and the high rate of restenosis after treatment. It is important to reduce the diabetic vascular complications in those patients. Establishment of animal models of severe diabetic vasculopathy will provide an experimental basis for further studies on those complications. In this paper, we will firstly discuss the mechanism of the development of severe diabetic vasculopathy and then review the methods referring to the establishment of this kind of animal models worldwide.
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