Results and analysis of the proficiency of laboratories in detection of Salmonella in laboratory animals
Received:January 13, 2016  
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KeyWord:Laboratory animal;Salmonella;Proficiency testing;China National Accreditation Service for Conformity, CNAS
邢进 中国食品药品检定研究院, 实验动物资源研究所, 北京
冯育芳 中国食品药品检定研究院, 实验动物资源研究所, 北京
王洪 中国食品药品检定研究院, 实验动物资源研究所, 北京
王吉 中国食品药品检定研究院, 实验动物资源研究所, 北京
岳秉飞 中国食品药品检定研究院, 实验动物资源研究所, 北京
贺争鸣 中国食品药品检定研究院, 实验动物资源研究所, 北京
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      Objective To understand the Salmonella detectability in the laboratory animal testing laboratories, improve the level of detection for the quality of laboratory animals, by means of laboratory animals Salmonellaproficiency testing program. Method According to the proficiency testing program approved by CNAS, freeze-dried animal stool samples containing Salmonella bacteria and interference bacteria were prepared, and through stability and homogeneity tests qualified as proficiency testing samples. The randomly numbered samples were issued to the participating units by cold-chain transportation, and attached work instructions. The original reports and copies of the tests should be submitted on time. The sample results consistent with the results of the pretested results were considered as satisfactory, and the results inconsistent or fails to submit were judged as unsatisfactory. Results A total of 30 laboratories from 20 provinces and cities nationwide participated in this proficiency testing programs for Salmonella, including 28 (93.3%) laboratories with satisfactory results, and two laboratories unsatisfactory (6.7%). 29 laboratories used separate culture methods, and two laboratories used PCR method. Conclusions The laboratory animal quality inspection agencies have good detection ability for Salmonella. The implementation of the capacity verification plan can well reflect the detection level of laboratories.
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