Effects of low frequency electrical stimulation on blood hormone levels in different animals
Received:December 18, 2014  
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KeyWord:Low frequency electrical stimulation;Hormone;Stress;Chinese tree shrews;Rats;Mice
俞发荣 甘肃政法学院 甘肃省证据科学技术研究与应用重点实验室, 兰州
宁晓希 甘肃政法学院 甘肃省证据科学技术研究与应用重点实验室, 兰州
俞文 甘肃政法学院 甘肃省证据科学技术研究与应用重点实验室, 兰州
谢明仁 甘肃政法学院 甘肃省证据科学技术研究与应用重点实验室, 兰州
连秀珍 甘肃政法学院 甘肃省证据科学技术研究与应用重点实验室, 兰州
李登楼 甘肃政法学院 甘肃省证据科学技术研究与应用重点实验室, 兰州
张诗爽 甘肃政法学院 甘肃省证据科学技术研究与应用重点实验室, 兰州
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      Objective To study the effect of low frequency electrical stimulation on blood hormone levels in different animals. Methods At 12 h, 24 h and 36 h after low frequency electrical stimulation to Chinese tree shrews, Wistar rats, and BALB/c mice, respectively, the blood noradrenaline (NA) and endothelin (ET) levels were determined by radioimmunoassay (RIA). Results The blood NA and ET levels of electrical stimulation group were significantly higher than that in the control group (P < 0.01). At 24 h after reserpine treatment, the same electrical stimulation was given. The NA, ET levels were significantly decreased compared with that in the electrical stimulation group (P< 0.05 to 0.01). Different animals responded to the same electric stimulus differently, following the order of Chinese tree shrews > Wistar rats > BALB/c mice. Conclusions Low frequency electrical stimulation can promote the release of noradrenaline and endothelin in Chinese tree shrews, Wistar rats and BALB/c mice. Reserpine can reduce the stress induced by low frequency electric stimulation to the body.
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