Research of zebrafish quality standardization
Received:October 11, 2014  
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KeyWord:Zebra fish;Standardization;Quality control
何嘉玲 国家卫生计生委科学技术研究所, 北京
刘静 国家卫生计生委科学技术研究所, 北京
王天奇 国家卫生计生委科学技术研究所, 北京
暴国 国家卫生计生委科学技术研究所, 北京
张长勇 国家卫生计生委科学技术研究所, 北京
孙希贞 国家卫生计生委科学技术研究所, 北京
孙德明 国家卫生计生委科学技术研究所, 北京
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      At present, zebrafish has played an increasingly important role in models for human development and diseases and several areas of life sciences. As a newly laboratory animal resource, standardization research has become the technical bottleneck to be solved and an inevitable trend. In this review, we summarized the research history and characteristics of zebrafish and the status of quality standardization. We also discussed the main problem facing by the standardization research of zebrafish as a newly laboratory animal. We hope that the data can provide useful reference for the development of zebrafish quality standardization research.
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