Exploration of a FH/Wjd rat model of alcoholic liver disease
Received:June 08, 2014  
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KeyWord:FH/Wjd rat;PPARα;Alcoholic liver disease
张彦芬 河北以岭医药研究院, 石家庄
秘尧 河北以岭医药研究院, 石家庄
何奇龙 河北以岭医药研究院, 石家庄
王宏涛 河北以岭医药研究院, 石家庄
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      Objective To investigate the FH/Wjd rat model of alcoholic liver disease. Methods Thirty-six 16-18 week old SPF grade FH/Wjd rats (male:female=1:1) were used in this study. The rats were divided into two groups randomly by body weight: water intake group and alcohol intake group. The rats took water or alcohol freely. 16 weeks later, ALT, AST, TBIL, TG, CHO in the serum and TG, GSH in the liver homogenate were detected. The expression of PPARα protein in the liver tissue was detected by Western blot. The apoptosis rate of liver cells was assessed by flow cytometry. The pathological changes of liver tissue were examined using HE staining. Results Compared with the water intake group, the serum TBIL and TG were significantly increased in rats of both sexes of the alcohol intake group, moreover, ALT and CHO of the female rats in the alcohol intake group were significantly decreased. TG in the liver homogenate increased obviously, while GSH in the liver homogenate showed a decreasing tendency. Hepatocyte apoptosis in rats of both sexes in the alcohol intake group showed an increasing tendency. The PPARα protein expression was up-regulated obviously, and the main pathological change in the liver tissue was microvesicular fatty degeneration. Conclusion Spontaneous long-term alcohol intake can induce liver injuries in FH/Wjd rats.
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