Establishment of a mouse model of endometriosis dysmenorrhea
Received:September 09, 2013  
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KeyWord:Endometriosis;Dysmenorrhea;Mouse model;Animal model;Auto-transplantation
陈景伟 河北医科大学, 石家庄 ;河北中医学院, 中西医结合生殖疾病协同创新中心, 石家庄
仝瑞晓 河北医科大学, 石家庄
范丽洁 河北医科大学, 石家庄
孙晓换 河北医科大学, 石家庄
马惠荣 河北中医学院, 中西医结合生殖疾病协同创新中心, 石家庄
杜惠兰 河北医科大学, 石家庄 ;河北中医学院, 中西医结合生殖疾病协同创新中心, 石家庄
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      Objective To establish a BALB/c mouse model of endometriosis dysmenorrhea. Methods Auto-transplantation of uterine tissue into the peritoneum was applied to generate endometriosis model in 60 healthy, 6-8-week old female BALB/c mice. The mice were divided into 4 groups: operation+estrogen+oxytocin group, operation+estrogen group, operation+ oxytocin group, and operation group. Besides, an estrogen+oxytocin group and sham operation group were also set up. Different regimens were applied to treat the mice from 1st to 12th day after operation, observed the writhing response, and collected tissue samples from the ectopic foci to examine the histopathological characteristics in order to screen the best regimen. Results Except for the estrogen+oxytocin group and sham operation group, the ectopic foci of all the other groups developed well. The lesion volumes of the operation+estrogen+oxytocin group and operation+ estrogen group were significantly larger than that in the other groups(P<0.01). The incidence of writhing response of the operation+estrogen+oxytocin group was 100%, and there were statistically significant differences among different groups (P<0.01). The writhing latency and writhing frequency of the operation+estrogen+oxytocin group were significantly different from that in the other groups (P<0.01 or P<0.05). Conclusions Operation+estrogen+ oxytocin is the best method to establish a mouse model of endometriosis dysmenorrhea, and is simple to perform. This animal model can be used to investigate the mechanisms and treatment of endometriosis dysmenorrhea.
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