Establishment of a guinea pig model of light perception myopia induced by flickering light
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KeyWord:Flickering light; Myopia; Animal model; Guinea pig; Retina
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周晓东 复旦大学附属金山医院眼科,上海
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      ObjectiveTo investigate the effectiveness and feasibility of a method to establish a guinea pig model of myopia induced by flickering light (FL) stimulation, and further observe the abnormal changes in this process. Methods Twenty-four 2-week-old guinea pigs were randomly assigned to FL group, non-flicker indoor light group, and daylight group (n=8 for each). Animals in the FL group were raised under 600 lux illumination with a duty cycle of 50% at a flash rate of 0.5 Hz. Animals in the non-flicker light group and normal group were reared under 600 lux illumination and natural daylight, respectively. Refraction, axial length, and radius of curvature were measured before and after 2,4, 6,8, 0,2 weeks treatment. After the collection of fundus photographs,histopathological changes were examined by light and electron microscopy. ResultsThe FL group developed rapidly towards myopia throughout experimental period.Significant difference was noted for refraction in all the 3 groups at 12th week, compared with the non-flicker light group. Eyes in the FL group were approximately -5.4±1.5 D more myopic with an increase in axial length by 0.74±0.18 mm. Compared with the daylight group, eyes in the FL group were approximately -6.6±1.5 D more myopic with an increase in axial length by 0.86±0.24 mm. As to the FL group, tessellated fundus appeared more prevalent, and the photoreceptor layer was more likely to develop a disordered outer segment, which contained much deciduous disc membranes. ConclusionsGuinea pigs develop accelerated ocular growth and refractive myopic changes by flickering light. Such abnormal light perception ultimately influences the development of retinal photoreceptor cells.
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