Establishment of Orthotopic Implant Model of Human Gastric Cancer in Nude Mice Using Glue Paste Technique
  Revised:February 09, 2007
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KeyWord:Stomach neoplasms,Tumor cells,Orthotopic transplantation,Disease model,Nude mice
LI Ying-jie,HE Yan,WANG Qi-min,LIU Miao,JIN Xiao-ming
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      Objective To compare two types of orthotopic implant models of human gastric cancer in nude mice using glue paste technique and to provide an ideal animal model for research in the field of pathogenesis and experimental treatment of gastric cancer.Methods The orthotopic implant models of human gastric cancer in nude mice were established using OB and FS organic glue paste technique,respectively.the tumor growth characteristics,metastatic and morphological characteristics were analyzed and compared.Results In the model using OB glue no serious tumor necrosis was observed,the rate of ascite formation was 85.7%,the rate of pyloric obstruction was 57.1%.In the model using FS organic glue the rate of extensive tumor necrosis was 100%,the rate of ascites formation was 14.3%,no pyloric obstruction was observed,metastases in the lung and brain were observed in three cases.Conclusions The orthotopic implant model of human gastric cancer in nude mice using FS organic glue paste technique,simulating the clinic process of patients,has been successfully established.It provides an ideal animal model for studies on mechanism of metastasis and treatment of human gastric cancer.
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