Observation on the Influence of Blood Glucose Level on the Body Weight and Brain Weight of Neonatal Rats with HI
  Revised:January 24, 2003
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KeyWord:Glucose,Cerebral hypoxic ischemia,Neonatal rat,Body weight,Brain weight
YANG You,CHEN Hui-jin,QIAN Long-hua
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      ObjectiveTo observe the influence of different blood glucose levels and the influence of glucose before and after hypoxia-ischemia(HI) on the body weight and brain w eight of HI neonatal rats. MethodsNeonatal rat models with HI and hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia were prepared. Then the body weight was sca led before decapitation at the time of 2 h, 24 h, 48 h, 72 h and 7 d after HI an d brain weight of rat models was scaled immediately after decapitation. The sy nthesis of cerebral GLUT1 and GLUT3 in neonatal rats was explored with immunohis t ochemical method at 24h after HI. Results Body weight and b rain weight of the group with hypoglycemia before and after HI were significant ly lo wer than those of other groups at the time of 24 h after HI; brain weight of hyp o xia-ischemia neonatal rat models with hyperglycemia before HI was higher than t h at of HI group and group with hypoglycemia before HI at the time of 7d after HI. At time point of 24h the synthesis of GLUT1 in group with hyperglycemia before HI was significantly higher than that of other groups, while the synthesis of GL UT3 in group with hypoglycemia before HI was significantly lower than that of ot her groups.ConclusionHypoglycemia before HI is disadvantageous for the increase of body weight and brain weight, while hyperglycemia before HI is to some extent protective by alleviating the decrease of body weight and bra in weight by HI.
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