Establishment of Endometriosis Model in SD Rats during Non-estrus
  Revised:October 15, 2003
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ZHANG Wei ,SHEN Hong-qin ,HUANG Qi-ling ,HONG Bo ,XIE Ling-ling ,CHEN Jia ,CHEN Xiao-xia ,ZOU Yi-hai
ZHANG Wei 1,SHEN Hong-qin 2,HUANG Qi-ling 3,HONG Bo 2,XIE Ling-ling 1,CHEN Jia 1,CHEN Xiao-xia 1,ZOU Yi-hai 1
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      ObjectiveTo establish a method of the endomet r iosis in SD rats during non-estrus and study its histological structure and hum oral immunity.Methods\ Endometriosis was induced in 40 female SD rat s during non-estrus and estrus respectively by surgery of self-endometrium tra nsplant.Before and after the operation,its blood was collected for observing IgG ,IgA,IgM,C 3,C 4.The endometrium of the uninjured side and the ectopic endomet rium were taken for histological observation.Results\ There was no s i gnificant difference between the successful rates,95% of non-estrus contrast to 94 8% of estrus by this method.The function of the ectopic endometrium epithel ial cells was activated,with similar altered cycle or physiological characterist ic as their normal endometrium.After operation,IgG and C3 were increased(P< 0 01,P<0 05);IgM reduced(P<0 01) and with no significant change f or IgA, C4.Conclusion\ The endometriosis model of SD rats can be successfully mad e both during non-estrus and estrus by self-endometrium transplant.
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