Isolation,Culture and Characterization of Neural Stem Cells from Newborn Rat Spinal Cords
  Revised:January 21, 2003
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KeyWord:Newborn rat,Spinal cord,Neural stem cells
HU Jian_shi,ZHENG Zhi_hong,LIN Ling,LIN Jian_yin
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      ObjectiveTo study the isolation, culture and characterization of neural stem cells from newborn rat spinal cords. Methods\ Cell culture technique and indirect immunoflurenscence cytochemistry were used. Results\ The cells were proliferated vitally. Neurospheres achieved by single cell cloning were positive with incoporation of BrdU and Nestin immunoflurescence staining. The cells had survived and grown for 8 months in vitro. The neurospheres could be induced to differentiate into neurons and astrocytes by 1% calf serum. Conclusions\ Neural stem cells from newborn rat spinal cords were cultured successfully.
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