Study on the Purification of Kunming Mouse Strain by Hysterectomy in the Situation of Bacteria Free
  Revised:October 29, 2002
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LU Xiao-cong,XU Guo-jing,DAI Yong,TANG Li-jun,SUN Fan-zhong,YU Si-yi,ZHANG Jin-ming,TIAN Hui,ZHANG Yan,ZHANG Chun
LU Xiao-cong1,XU Guo-jing2,DAI Yong2,TANG Li-jun2,SUN Fan-zhong2,YU Si-yi2,ZHANG Jin-ming2,TIAN Hui2,ZHANG Yan2,ZHANG Chun2
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      Objective To establish special pathogen free Kunming mouse of Hubei closed colony.Method The purification mouse was made by excising operation of uterus in the situation of bacteria free. The SPF Kunming mouse strain of Hubei closed colony was developed with the following surveillance on microbes and parasites in first generation.Results 57 mice were got from 67 cases by operation, and 509 baby mice with purification,from which 460 grew into adults and the state of microbiology in those mice was in keeping SPF.Conclusion The method can keep the excellent laboratory animal stain with biological purification.
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