Protein Expression of Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma Cell Strain and Cloned Cells Stored in Three Institutes
  Revised:October 11, 2001
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KeyWord:Carcinoma, Ehrlich tumor,Clone cells, proteins
XU Zengnian,LI Xingqin,WANG Xiufang,LU Zhanjun,LIU Fuying,LIU Junxu
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      Objective To compare protein expression of EAC stored in different institutes and its cloned cells. Methods According to Fdler and Kripke's experimental evidence and theory, 5 cloned cells were isolated from EAC in Beijing Cancer Institute by single cell cloning technique. Proteins of EAC from Wuhan, Shandong,Beijing Cancer Institute and its cloned celles were compared by SDS PAGE and immunohistochemistry staining. Results The number of protein bands of EAC in Wuhan, Shandong and Beijing Cancer Institute was 22,25 and 28 respectively. The number of protein bands of cloned cell E2G8 was 26. The EAC cells in three institutes had different in the reaction to 5 kinds of antibodies and 5 cloned cells had different reactions to 10 kinds of antibodies. Cloned cell E2G8, E2F4 had positive reaction to 7 antibodies,while E2C6 to 8 antibodies and E1G5,E2B5 to 6 antibodies. And the positive reaction rates were all beyond 85%. Conclusion There were remarkable difference among EAC from different institutes and its cloned cells.
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