Study on Heredity and Breeding of Human Scavenger Receptor-AI Transgenic Mice
  Revised:November 10, 2000
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KeyWord:Transgenic mice,Human SR AI gene,Breeding,Gene integration
WANG Zongbao,WAN Laxiang,WU Duansheng,LIU Xin,YANG Yongzong
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      Objective To investigate human SR AI transgenic integration and reproduction and its effect on mice breeding. Methods Human SR AI transgenic mice models 2, 3534,3560,3638,3639 have been bred by means of creating the system similar to the system ancestry. PCR and Southern blot techniques were used to test the DNA samples of tail tissues in the 5 lines of mice. Results In 431 baby mice of the 5 lines, 178 were tested by PCR to be positive (41.2%) while the positive rates of generations F 1, F 2, F 3 in line 3639 and pure zygote transgnic mice were 47.8%,71.3%,75% and 100% respectively. Conclusion Human SR AI gene can steadily heritable in the mice sub generation and doesn't influence obviously their reproduction and growth.
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