Genomic RAPD Analysis on Hybrid Field Voles(Microtus Fortis) from Two Regions in China
  Revised:August 20, 2000
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KeyWord:Hybridization,Parent-child relations,Subspecies of voles,Genomic DNA RAPD analysis
SHAO Weijuan,XIE Jianyun,WANG Shengchang,GAO Cheng
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      Objective\ To research genetic type of hybrid field voles from different regions.Methods\ We used 4 10bp random primers to amplify DNA of hybrid field voles from Ningxia and Dongtinghu in China and analyzed the homology of parents and their offsprings.Results\ There were several fragments of genomic DNA shared by all field voles but specific fragments were seen in the parental generation of the two different regions. 4 primers could be used as characteristic RAPD markers to distinguish the subspecies.Parental RAPD markers were found in the offsprings.The homology of field voles of same litter were among 70%-96%.Conclusion\ RAPD could be used to distinguish the species or subspecies of field voles.\;
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