The Immunosuppressive and AntioxidativeEffect of Berbamine
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KeyWord:Berbamine Immunosuppressive effect Antioxidation,
Luo Chongnian,et al
Institute of Medicinal Plant Development. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
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      n this paper, the immunosuppressive effect and antioxidative effect ofBerbamine were studied.We found that Berbamine with the dose of 25mg/kg.7days, ip, could markedly decrease the amount of hepatic lipid peroxida-tion and enhance SOD activity of peripheral blood and cardiac muscle inmice, it also could decrease the responses of delayed-type supersensitivereaction and that of mixed lymphocytes reaction induced by allogenic anti-gen .The test of allogenic skin transplantation showed that Berbamine ( 50mg/kg.7days)could prolong the surviving time of grafting in mice.Further-more,it showed that Berbamine could also decrease the ratio of CD4 /CD8 subsets of murine spleen T lymphocytes by FACS analysis which might beone of the mechanism of its immunosuppressive effect.
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