Variations of GLUT in NIDDM Chinese Hamsterpancreatic islets and liver tissue
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Liu Dehui,et al
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      fter the pancreatic islets were isolated from the Chinese Hamster bycollagenase digestion, the membrance of the islets and liver cells wereprepared by ultracentrifuge, gel electrophoresis and Western blotting. TheGLUT were determined by immunoreaction and the unine glucose concentra-tions of the serum glucose, insulin and the urine glucose were also determined in the same experiment. The results showed that after pathogenesisof the NIDDM, the quantity of GLUT in pancreatic islets were signifi-cantly reduced and the immunoreaction of the GLUT with antibodieswere also weakened.However, there are no significant difference inthe liver GLUT and in the members of the pancreas islets GLUT.But theconcentrations of glucose in urine and serum and the serum insulin weresignificantly increased after pathogenesis of the NIDDM in Chinese Ham-ster .
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