Research advance in transgenic mice models of Alzheimer’s disease and their evaluation
Received:July 23, 2013  Revised:August 04, 2013
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KeyWord:Alzheimer's disease;Transgenic mice model
罕园园 中国医学科学院医学生物学研究所
马开利 中国医学科学院医学生物学研究所
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      As the world population continues to age, Alzheimer's disease has become one of the major diseases that threaten the health of the elderly. To research and establish a reliable animal model for Alzheimer's disease is very important to clarify the disease etiology, pathogenesis and develop the prevention drugs. This article reviews the most widely used and the most in-depth studied transgenic mouse models with their characteristics of pathology and behavior changes、with their application and discoveries in Alzheimer's disease research currently.
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