Research on Normal Reference Range of lung function of Wistar Rats
Received:July 03, 2013  Revised:July 26, 2013
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KeyWord:Wistar rat;lung function;normal reference value
安志远 北京朝阳医院
庞宝森 北京朝阳医院
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      Objective, This paper introduces the working principle and the method of animal lung function measure system, and establishes lung function normal reference values of the Wistar rat. Methods ,Small animals lung function detector is utilized to detect the normal lung function index in rats , According to the test results of lung function index, through statistical analysis, wen can determine the normal reference range of the Wistar rat.Results, The normal range of the inspiratory resistance (Ri) 、the expiratory resistance (Re)、the compliance (Cl)、the maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV)、the forced vital capacity (FVC)、the ratio of forced expiratory volume at 0.2 second (Fev0.2)、the ratio of forced expiratory volume at 0.2 second and forced vital capacity (Fev0.2/FVC)、the forced expiratory flow (PEF25-75%)、the peak expiratory flow (PEF) is 1.81(0.94~4.10)cmH20/mL•s、1.83(0.71~3.57)cmH20/mL•s、0.15(0.05~0.29)mL/cmH20、144.65 (77.28~256.20)mL/min、8.49(5.82~12.70)mL、5.72(3.62~7.01)mL、68.12(39.14~85.28) %、34.11(28.25~46.87)mL/min、38.32(30.86~50.28)mL/min。 Conclusions, Researching and determineing the normal reference rang of lung function of Wistar rats,could provide reference basis for clinical and scientific research work and establishment of national standards and specifications in the future.
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