Experiments on Efficiency Enhancing and Toxicity Reducing of Ginseng polysaccharide on Cytoxan
Received:June 19, 2013  Revised:July 22, 2013
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KeyWord:Ginseng polysaccharide; mice liver H22 tumor; cyclophosphamide; enhancing effect and reducing toxicity
贾玉萍 山东省医药工业研究所
周东顺 山东省实验动物中心
孙超 山东省医药工业研究所
曲保恩 山东省医药工业研究所
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      Objective To study the anticancer effects and efficacy enhancing and toxicity reducing of Ginseng polysaccharide (GPS) on mice who are treated with chemical therapeutic drug like cytoxan(CTX). Methods KM mice were used to established mice liver H22 tumor model, and randomly divided into negative control group, GPS group, CTX group, compounds of GPS and CTX group. Administration of GPS and CTX was by intravenous injection and intraperitoneal injection respectively. After 10d consecutive administration, measuring its tumor inhibitory rate, Hematological indexes, spleen index and thymus index. Results The tumor inhibition rate was higher in each GPS , GPS CTX group than that in control group ( P<0. 01). The tumor inhibition rate of medium-dose and high-dose GPS CTX group was higher than that in CTX group (P < 0. 05, P < 0. 01) .The indexes of spleen and thymus as well as body weight in CTX group were lower than those in the high-dose GPS CTX group (P<0.05,P<0.05,P<0.05). Conclusion GPS can enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy and reduce its toxicity in the H22-burdened mice exposed to CTX.
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