Progress in animal models for Campylobacter jejuni infections
Received:April 11, 2013  Revised:May 06, 2013
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KeyWord:Campylobacter jejuni; Models; Animal
商宇伟 扬州大学江苏省人兽共患病学重点实验室
王楠 扬州大学江苏省人兽共患病学重点实验室
黄金林 扬州大学江苏省人兽共患病学重点实验室
焦新安 扬州大学江苏省人兽共患病学重点实验室
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      Campylobacter jejuni is a global concerned zoonosis pathogens. It can cause human and animals a variety of diseases if being infected. Animal models are the foundation of doing research on pathogenesis, vaccine evaluation and drug development. Considering the feasibility, economy and repeatability of animal models fastidious bacteria infected, Campylobacter jejuni has no appropriate animal models and its pathogenesis is unclear. This article will describe the experimental animal models for Campylobacter jejuni infections.
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