In Vitro Derived Porcine Embryos Patterns of Oct4 Expression During Cleavage Development
Received:March 14, 2013  Revised:April 16, 2013
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KeyWord:Porcine ; parthenogenetic ; IVF ; embryonic development; Oct4;gene expression
王稳 北京农学院
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      Abstract: [Objective]Oct4 gene expression research during the developmental stages of porcine parthenogenetic and IVF preimplantation embryos, which is important for embryonic development. [Method]Mature oocytes, parthenogenetic embryos and IVF embryos were collected as follows: 2-cell stage, 4-cell stage, 8-cell stage and blastocyst stage. We used quantitative, real time PCR to assess the relative amount of each transcript in cleavage stage embryos. [Result] Oct4 transcript levels are highest at 8 cell stage (p <0.05), parthenogenetic and IVF blastocysts are lowest expression level when compared to 2-cell stage, 4-cell stage (p <0.05). Parthenogenetic and IVF embryos Oct4 expression has no difference at the same stage.[Conclusion] Transcript levels of pluripotency gene Oct4 change over the course of cleavage development, parthenogenetic embryos to some extent can be used as a model for in vitro embryo gene expression, and different embryo culture conditions may result in a different gene expression.
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