Micro PET observation of the effect of curcumin on cerebral glucose metabolism in APPswe /PS1dE9 double transgenic mice
Received:March 08, 2013  Revised:March 25, 2013
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KeyWord:Cerebral glucose metabolism; Curcumin; Micro PET; APP /PS1 double transgenic mice; 18F-FDG.
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高凯 中国医学科学院医学实验动物研究所
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孙海芸 北京中医药大学东直门医院
杨金铎 北京中医药大学东直门医院
王蓬文 北京中医药大学中药学院中药药理学实验室
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      Objective To observe the effect of curcumin on the status of cerebral glucose metabolism in 9 months APP /PS1 double transgenic mice by 18F-FDG Micro PET.Methods Nine-month-old APP /PS1 dtgmice were randomly chose from the model group,the positive Rosiglitazone control group and curcumin high(400 mg/kg?d),medium(200 mg/kg?d)and low(100 mg/kg?d)dose group,with normal C57BL /6J mice with the same background randomly selected( age: 9 months; n= 3) for Micro PET study.Each mouse was anesthetized using 2% isoflurane and was injected through a tail vein with 14.8-16.5 MBq 18F-FDG as a bolus. After 1 hour of 18F-FDG uptake period,PET scans were performed for 10-min. Calculate and compare 18F-FDG uptake rate per gram tissue of the whole brain ( except cerebellum) in the mice of different groups. Results Cerebral 18F-FDG uptake rate per gram tissue of curcumin medium dose group mice and the positive Rosiglitazone control group is higher than both the normal control group and model group mice.Conclusions Curcumin can increase APP /PS1 dtgmice cerebral 18F-FDG uptake and 18F-FDG uptake rate per gram tissue. Curcumin may play a neuroprotective role through improving cerebral glucose metabolism.
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