Research progress on animal models of hypertriglyceridemia
Received:April 27, 2021  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2022. 01. 018
KeyWord:hypertriglyceridemia(HTG); animal model; triglyceride(TG)
关媛媛 北京中医药大学中医学院,北京
郑燕飞 北京中医药大学国家中医体质与治未病研究院,北京
朱玲慧 北京中医药大学中医学院,北京
王立英 北京中医药大学中医学院,北京
白帆 北京中医药大学中医学院,北京
李天星 北京中医药大学中医学院,北京
孙紫薇 北京中医药大学国家中医体质与治未病研究院,北京
李玲孺 北京中医药大学国家中医体质与治未病研究院,北京
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      Hypertriglyceridemia ( HTG) has become a research hotspot because it is tightly associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes,and is also one of the important factors of inducing acute pancreatitis (AP) and increasing the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease ( ASCVD). The success of replicating animal model of hypertriglyceridemia is one of the key of research in experimental hypertriglyceridemia. The paper summarizes the research of hypertriglyceridemia animal model in order to provide reference for studying in-depth mechanism and selecting antilipidemic drugs.
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