A review of experimental animal models of Alzheimer’s disease
Received:August 30, 2021  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2022. 01. 017
KeyWord:Alzheimer’s disease; animal models; construction method; evaluation
李少创 1. 山西中医药大学, 山西 晋中 ; 2. 中医脑病山西省重点实验室,山西 晋中
韩诚 1. 山西中医药大学, 山西 晋中 ; 2. 中医脑病山西省重点实验室,山西 晋中
秦亚莉 1. 山西中医药大学, 山西 晋中 ; 2. 中医脑病山西省重点实验室,山西 晋中
赵雅飞 1. 山西中医药大学, 山西 晋中 ; 2. 中医脑病山西省重点实验室,山西 晋中
魏文一 1. 山西中医药大学, 山西 晋中 ; 2. 中医脑病山西省重点实验室,山西 晋中
杨杰 1. 山西中医药大学, 山西 晋中 ; 2. 中医脑病山西省重点实验室,山西 晋中
帅月圆 1. 山西中医药大学, 山西 晋中 ; 2. 中医脑病山西省重点实验室,山西 晋中
郭栋 山西中医药大学, 山西 晋中
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      Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an irreversible and age-associated neurodegenerative disease with unclear etiology, and is characterized by a gradual loss of cognitive and memory functions. At present, investigation into the pathogenesis of AD and the efficacy of drug treatment has become one of the hotspots in the field of brain science. It is challenging to select proper experimental animal models of AD because of its complicated etiological mechanisms and pathological changes. This article gives a detailed review of the characteristics of multiple laboratory animals and related AD models, as well as the method of model construction. In general, AD animal models can be divided into natural, physical intervention, chemical intervention, genetic intervention, and other animal models. This paper has summarized and commented on the method of models’ construction, the changes of pathology and applicable types of experiments, hoping to provide reference for researchers to select and establish experimental animal models.
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