Breeding for resistance strains in flies: a review
Received:August 14, 2021  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2022. 01. 016
KeyWord:flies; resistance; resistance strains; breeding
汤红日 遵义医科大学寄生虫学教研室,贵州 遵义
王灵军 遵义医科大学寄生虫学教研室,贵州 遵义
徐红玲 遵义医科大学寄生虫学教研室,贵州 遵义
谢治梅 遵义医科大学寄生虫学教研室,贵州 遵义
蔡娟 遵义医科大学寄生虫学教研室,贵州 遵义
郑明辉 遵义医科大学寄生虫学教研室,贵州 遵义
贺莉芳 遵义医科大学寄生虫学教研室,贵州 遵义
刘晖 遵义医科大学寄生虫学教研室,贵州 遵义
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      Insecticide resistance amongst agricultural pests and disease vectors are an increasing threat to human health, and the production of fruits and vegetables with the overuse of pesticides is causing serious ecological damage and environmental contamination. The breed of strains with resistance to insects has become an important laboratory approach in studies on resistance mechanisms and insect-pest control, and has gained growing attention from scientists worldwide. Research on breeding strains with resistance to flies, which are one of the widespread agricultural and public health pests, can also provide reliable data and the theoretical basis to understand the resistance mechanism of harmful flies and for future pest management. The present review performed a systematic summary on the following fields. First, we review the resistance mechanisms of flies and other insects, exploring physiological, biochemical, behavioral, genetic variation, and symbiotic resistance. Second, we review four cultivation method frequently applied for flies, such as topical application, dipping, residual film and spraying. Third, we summarize the identification method and influencing factors of resistant strains, such as virulence determination, resistance multiplier calculation, gene expression, and genetic variation. Finally, we compare the recent identification and breeding resistant varieties method . In conclusion , this review aims to provide significant application value and research insights for studies of resistance mechanisms, resistance monitoring and integrated pest management.
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