Study of the toxic effects of acrylamide in mice
Received:December 12, 2020  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2021. 04. 012
KeyWord:mouse; acrylamide; blood; toxicity
王小博 佛山职业技术学院食品科学系,广东 佛山
梁斯 佛山市疾病预防控制中心,广东 佛山
陈齐 佛山职业技术学院食品科学系,广东 佛山
郑琳 佛山职业技术学院食品科学系,广东 佛山
俞鸣铗 佛山职业技术学院食品科学系,广东 佛山
刘健南 佛山职业技术学院食品科学系,广东 佛山
陈冰冰 佛山职业技术学院食品科学系,广东 佛山
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      To evaluate the toxicity of circulating acrylamide in mice. Methods Mice were gavaged daily with acrylamide solution for 16 days. Their body and organ masses were recorded and relevant blood parameters were measured. Results Doses of 120 or 150 mg / kg acrylamide daily caused significant reductions in body mass gain, relative liver mass, WBC, LYM, RBC, MCHC, PLT, and P-LCR of the mice ( P< 0.05), whereas GRAN increased significantly ( P< 0.05). Doses of acrylamide of 90, 120, and 150 mg / kg caused significant reductions in the relative kidney mass and HGB (P< 0.05). A dose of 150 mg / kg significantly reduced MCV and PCT (P< 0.05). Doses ≥ 60 mg / kg caused significant increases in AST, ALT, AKP, and CREA (P< 0.05), and when the concentration was 60 mg / kg, the AST activity was highest. Doses ≥ 90 mg / kg caused significant increases in UA and BUN (P< 0. 01), and when the dose was 120 mg / kg, the BUN was highest. Conclusions Acrylamide has toxic effects in mice. Medium and high doses of acrylamide (≥ 90 mg / kg) have deleterious effects on red blood cells, white blood cells, the liver, kidney, and other organs in mice. High concentrations of acrylamide (≥ 120 mg / kg) also have significant deleterious effects on platelets.
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