Exploratory construction of chronic ischemic limb pain model in rats
Received:December 17, 2020  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2021. 04. 004
KeyWord:animal model; chronic ischemic pain; paw blood flow; paw skin temperature; paw thickness; paw withdrawal thresholds
周游 浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州
吴茗慧 浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州
汪雯 1.浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州 ; 2. 衢州市中医医院,浙江 衢州
杜俊英 浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州
邵晓梅 浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州
蒋永亮 浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州
刘伯一 浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州
梁宜 1.浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州 ;3. 浙江中医药大学附属第三医院针灸科,杭州
方剑乔 1.浙江中医药大学第三临床医学院针灸神经生物学实验室 浙江省针灸神经病学重点实验室,杭州 ;3. 浙江中医药大学附属第三医院针灸科,杭州
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       Objective By measuring paw withdrawal thresholds (PWTs), paw thickness, paw skin temperature, and paw blood flow in rats, we explored a simple and reliable method for constructing a chronic ischemic limb pain model in rats. Methods Sixteen rats were randomly divided into a sham chronic ischemic limb pain group (sham CILP group, n= 8) and a chronic ischemic limb pain group (CILP group, n= 8). The chronic ischemic pain model group used O-ring lower limbs near the knee joint to slowly pressurize the limb. The compression intensity was 1. 2 ~ 2. 2 N, with compression performed once a day as well as once a week for 30 ~ 40 min for 3 consecutive weeks. The PWTs and degree of swelling, skin temperature, and local blood flow of the two groups of rats before and after modeling were measured at 6, 13 and 20 days after compression. Results After 20 days of modeling, the ipsilateral and contralateral PWTs of the CILP group were significantly lower than those of the sham CILP group (P< 0.01). The ipsilateral paw thickness of the CILP group was significantly thicker than that in the same period in the sham CILP group as well as the contralateral paw thickness of the CILP group ( P< 0.01) over the same period. Furthermore, the ipsilateral skin temperature of the CILP group was significantly lower than that of the sham CILP group (P<0. 01). In addition, the average ipsilateral blood flow of the CILP group was significantly lower than that of the sham CILP group during the same period (P<0.01). Conclusions Long- term low pressure in the lower limbs of rats can effectively cause chronic ischemic limb pain, as demonstrated by the establishment of a rat model of chronic ischemic limb pain.
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