Research progress of animal model preparation and effect evaluation of plasma cell mastitis
Received:July 25, 2020  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2021. 01. 017
KeyWord:plasma cell mastitis; animal model; research progress
王军大 重庆市中医院 放射科,重庆
王亚东 重庆市中医院 乳腺甲状腺科,重庆
王立娟 重庆市中医院 病理科,重庆
杨雅淋 重庆市中医院 药剂科,重庆
黄丹 重庆市中医院 药剂科,重庆
李云逸 重庆市中医院 药剂科,重庆
黄明春 重庆市中医院 药剂科,重庆
李艳艳 重庆市中医院 药剂科,重庆
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      Plasma cell mastitis ( PCM) is a common breast disease, with an incidence rate that continues to increase. The main pathological changes of PCM were in middle-aged non lactation women. The clinical manifestations and pathological changes of PCM are complex, and the treatment method are also diverse. At present, most studies on PCM mainly focus on clinical observation and research; however, the pathological process and pathogenesis are not completely clear, and basic research in PCM is insufficient. Therefore, the preparation of animal models of PCM is of great significance for study of the molecular mechanism and evaluation of therapeutic method for PCM. In this paper, PCM animal model types, animal model preparation method , model pathology and result were reviewed. This review will help lay a theoretical foundation for follow-up research for PCM.
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