Progress in application of miniature swine models in research on human metabolic and endocrine diseases
Received:July 16, 2020  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2021. 01. 013
KeyWord:metabolic and endocrine diseases; miniature pigs; animal models
梁靓 广西大学动物科学技术学院,南宁
陈奎蓉 广西大学动物科学技术学院,南宁
程锋 广西大学动物科学技术学院,南宁
田威龙 广西大学动物科学技术学院,南宁
高九昱 广西大学动物科学技术学院,南宁
兰干球 广西大学动物科学技术学院,南宁
梁晶 广西大学动物科学技术学院,南宁
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      Metabolic and endocrine diseases are major diseases that endanger human health and reduce quality of life. Obesity, virus infection, genetic susceptibility, and abnormal immune functions can lead to metabolic and endocrine diseases, but the pathogenesis remains unclear. The preparation of suitable animal models is important for research. Miniature pigs are very similar to humans in terms of physiological and anatomical structures, metabolic processes, and pathological diagnosis indexes. Therefore, they are an ideal animal to model endocrine and metabolic diseases. This article reviews miniature pig strains and the method and current situation of disease model establishment to provide a reference for animal model research of human endocrine and metabolic diseases.
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