Preliminary study on the effects of dopamine D1 receptor on the development of flickering light-induced myopia in guinea pigs
Received:September 02, 2020  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2021. 01. 010
KeyWord:myopia; dopamine D1-like receptor(D1DR); flickering light-induction; SCH 23390
胡倩倩 复旦大学附属金山医院,上海
李炳 复旦大学附属金山医院,上海
佘曼 复旦大学附属金山医院,上海
李涛 复旦大学附属金山医院,上海
周晓东 复旦大学附属金山医院,上海
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       Objective To study the effects of dopamine D1-like receptor ( D1DR) on the development of flickering light-induced myopia ( FLM) in guinea pigs and preliminarily explore the potential pathogenesis of FLM. Methods Thirty-six 2-week-old guinea pigs were randomly assigned to four groups ( n= 9): Control, FLM, FLM + Vehicle, and FLM+D1DR antagonist ( SCH 23390) groups. The refraction and axial length (AL) were measured before and after treatments. Expression of retinal D1DR was detected by immunohistochemistry and western blotting after 6 weeks of treatment. High performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection was used to detect the levels of DA and its primary metabolite (DOPAC) in the retina. Results Compared with those in the Control group, guinea pigs in the FLM group showed a significant myopic refractive shift and AL elongation (P< 0. 001), higher retinal D1DR expression (P< 0. 05), higher retinal DA levels, and a lower retinal DOPAC/ DA ratio (P< 0. 001). However, the increases of myopia (P< 0. 001) and AL (P< 0. 05) were significantly smaller in guinea pigs of the FLM+SCH 23390 group than in those of the FLM group. Additionally, lower retinal DA levels (P< 0. 001) and a higher retinal DOPAC/ DA ratio (P< 0. 05) were found in the FLM + SCH 23390 group than in the FLM group. Conclusions D1DR is involved in the development of FLM in guinea pigs. Blocking D1DR with SCH 23390 may suppress the development of FLM in guinea pigs, which might play an important role by influencing retinal DA levels and its metabolism.
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