Evaluation and progress of the construction of a rotator cuff tendon injury-induced animal model
Received:March 05, 2020  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2020. 04. 016
KeyWord:shoulder joint; rotator cuff injury; animal model; tissue construction; soft tissue biomechanics
许博洋 天津中医药大学 针灸推拿学院,天津
庞小娟 天津中医药大学 针灸推拿学院,天津
曾禹铭 天津中医药大学 针灸推拿学院,天津
周严冬 天津中医药大学 中西医结合学院,天津
郭义 3. 天津中医药大学 中医学院,天津 ; 4. 天津中医药大学 实验针灸学研究中心,天津 ; 5. 国家中医针灸临床医学研究中心,天津
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      Rotator cuff tendon injury is the main cause of acute and chronic shoulder pain and a limited range of motion. Surgical intervention is usually needed in cases of acute injury with full-thickness tears. The difficulty in repairing rotator cuff injuries lies in reconstructing the bone-tendon interface. Although various animal models of rotator cuff injuries induced by surgical trauma have been developed, suitable animal models and exact treatment method are lacking. This paper summarizes the establishment method and applicable scope of rotator cuff tendon injury-induced animal models and explores the selection of animal models and functional evaluation method to provide a corresponding theoretical basis for basic scientific research on rotator cuff injuries.
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