Establishment of a rat model of hyperuricemia and its complications
Received:February 06, 2020  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2020. 04. 011
KeyWord:hyperuricemia; uric acid; oteracil potassium; liver and kidney injury
陈林军 上海健康医学院医学技术学院,上海
杨焱 上海市农业科学院食用菌研究所,上海
吴迪 上海市农业科学院食用菌研究所,上海
陈万超 上海市农业科学院食用菌研究所,上海
董国超 上海健康医学院医学技术学院,上海
乔徐馨 上海健康医学院医学技术学院,上海
吴春燕 上海健康医学院医学技术学院,上海
李婷婷 1.上海健康医学院医学技术学院,上海 ; 3. 上海海洋大学食品学院,上海
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      Objective To establish an efficient rat model of hyperuricemia with liver and kidney injury, gouty arthritis and other complications. Methods Forty-eight male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into the blank control group (control group), oteracil potassium group (OA group), oteracil potassium with 6-hydroxypurine group (OA + H group), oteracil potassium with yeast extract group (OA + YE group), 10% fructose with 0. 2% ethambutol group (10% Fru + 0. 2% EMB group), and the 2% oteracil potassium mixed with 12% yeast extract peculiar feed group (OA PO group) (n = 8 rats per group). Blood was collected from the tail vein once weekly, the serum uric acid and urea values were detected, and the model was studied for 5 consecutive weeks. Results Compared with the control group, the OA PO group reached high serum uric acid levels with severe liver and kidney damage and joint inflammation in week 5. The uric acid values of the OA + H, OA + YE and 10% Fru + 0. 2% EMB groups failed to reach high levels. However, biochemical indicators showed that liver and kidney damage occurred in these four groups. Hematoxylin and eosin staining showed that the knee joints of the model group had synovial thickening and scattered and disordered arrangement to varying degrees. Conclusions The 2% oteracil potassium mixed with 12% yeast extract diet is the best diet for establishing a rat model of hyperuricemia and its complications and is suitable for studying hyperuricemia-induced renal injury and arthritis.
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