Anti-atherosclerotic and cardioprotective effects of perilla seed extract on ApoE -/ - mice
Received:June 19, 2019  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2019. 06. 001
KeyWord:perilla seed extract; ApoE -/ - mice; atherosclerosis; cardioprotection
郑双 1. 广东药科大学,生命科学与生物制药学院,血管生物学研究所,广州 ;2. 广东省实验动物监测所,广东省实验动物重点实验室,广州
谭伟江 广东省实验动物监测所,广东省实验动物重点实验室,广州
李想 广东省实验动物监测所,广东省实验动物重点实验室,广州
马俊峰 广东省实验动物监测所,广东省实验动物重点实验室,广州
任学聪 广东省实验动物监测所,广东省实验动物重点实验室,广州
郑凌云 广东药科大学,生命科学与生物制药学院,血管生物学研究所,广州
王丽京 广东药科大学,生命科学与生物制药学院,血管生物学研究所,广州
杨丰华 广东省实验动物监测所,广东省实验动物重点实验室,广州
黄韧 1. 广东药科大学,生命科学与生物制药学院,血管生物学研究所,广州 ;2. 广东省实验动物监测所,广东省实验动物重点实验室,广州
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      Objective To study the role and molecular mechanism of perilla seed oil extract (PSO) in reducing arterial plaque formation and providing cardioprotection in ApoE -/ - mice. Methods Three-month-old ApoE -/ - mice were randomly divided into ApoE -/ -(no drug treatment), low-dose PSO, high-dose PSO and atorvastatin groups. B6 mice of the same age were used as controls (WT group); they were fed a regular diet. After 8 weeks of treatment, biochemical tests, H&E staining, echocardiography, qPCR, ATP detection and Pro-Q Diamond staining were performed. Results Compared with the WT group, ApoE -/ - mice showed abnormal cardiac structure and function. After PSO treatment, the plaque area was reduced, and cardiac structure and function improved. mRNA expression of ANP, BNP and β-MHC was downregulated, mRNA expression of PPARα and PGC-1α was up-regulated, and the intracellular content of ATP and the phosphorylation level of TnI were increased. Conclusions PSO inhibits arterial plaque formation and maintains normal cardiac structure and function in ApoE -/ - mice. It may regulate the PPARα/ PCG-1α/ NRF-1 axis to increase ATP and myofilament phosphorylation, improve energy metabolism, and exert cardioprotective action.
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