Progress in research on animal models of colorectal cancer with liver metastasis generated by patient-derived tumor xenograft
Received:December 25, 2018  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2019. 04. 019
KeyWord:colorectal cancer; liver metastasis; patient-derived tumor xenograft; PDTX; animal model
乔大伟 1. 扬州大学临床医学院消化内科,江苏扬州 ; 2. 江苏省中西医结合老年病重点防治实验室,江苏扬州 
李玉芳 1. 扬州大学临床医学院消化内科,江苏扬州 ; 2. 江苏省中西医结合老年病重点防治实验室,江苏扬州 
张蕾 1. 扬州大学临床医学院消化内科,江苏扬州 ; 2. 江苏省中西医结合老年病重点防治实验室,江苏扬州 
姜礼双 1. 扬州大学临床医学院消化内科,江苏扬州 ; 2. 江苏省中西医结合老年病重点防治实验室,江苏扬州 
孔桂美 扬州大学临床医学院消化内科,江苏扬州 
卜平 1. 扬州大学临床医学院消化内科,江苏扬州 ; 2. 江苏省中西医结合老年病重点防治实验室,江苏扬州 
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      Liver is the main target organ for colorectal cancer metastasis. Liver metastasis is also the main cause of death in patients with colorectal cancer. Recent studies have shown that liver metastasis of colorectal cancer patient-derived tumor xenograft (PDTX) can better replicate the clinical characteristics of clinical tumors colon cancer. At present, the primary models used are the orthotopic tumor xenograft model and ectopic tumor xenograft model. To provide a reference for experimental modeling, this paper reviews PDTX animal models for colorectal cancer liver metastasis and their application range.
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