Advances in research of the establishment of astrocyte models for treatment of spinal cord injury
Received:January 13, 2019  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2019. 04. 018
KeyWord:spinal cord injury; astrocytes; cell modeling; blood-brain barrier; microglia
杜凯然 甘肃中医药大学,中医临床学院,兰州 
邓强 甘肃省中医院,脊柱骨二科,兰州 
张彦军 甘肃省中医院,脊柱骨二科,兰州 
朱宝 甘肃省中医院,脊柱骨二科,兰州 
马同 甘肃中医药大学,中医临床学院,兰州 
彭冉东 甘肃省中医院,脊柱骨二科,兰州 
李军杰 甘肃中医药大学,中医临床学院,兰州 
徐浩军 甘肃中医药大学,中医临床学院,兰州 
王雨榕 甘肃中医药大学,中医临床学院,兰州 
郭挺 甘肃省中医院,脊柱骨二科,兰州 
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      Spinal cord injury is an extremely complex and debilitating condition. Once spinal cord injury occurs, itis difficult to treat, and thus poses a great economic and social burden to both caregivers and healthcare resources. In recentyears, the establishment of rat spinal cord injury cell models has contributed to our understanding of the etiology andpathogenesis of spinal cord injury, in particular, the establishment of an astrocyte model has a profound significance for thetreatment of spinal cord injury. Studies have found that astrocytes, as target cells that can effectively promote tissueprotection and functional repair after spinal cord injury, directly or indirectly regulate spinal cord injury through blood-brainbarrier barrier. This paper reviews the recent studies on the preparation of astrocyte culture models to provide guidance forthe establishment of an Objective , quantitative, and simulative astrocyte model, and presents new ideas for the treatment of spinal cord injury.
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