Exploration of an individualized anesthesia method for non-human primates
Received:February 15, 2019  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2019. 04. 008
KeyWord:general anesthesia; non-human primates; ketamine; Zoletil; Sumianxin II; pentobarbital
周智刚 1. 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室; 2. 昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,昆明 
段志刚 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室
王宏 1. 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室; 2. 昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,昆明 
龚南南 1. 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室; 2. 昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,昆明 
刘杰 1. 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室; 2. 昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,昆明 
陈兴龙 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室
卓艳 1. 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室; 2. 昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,昆明 
周引 1. 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室; 2. 昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,昆明 
张婷 1. 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室; 2. 昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,昆明 
陈永昌 1. 云南中科灵长类生物医学重点实验室; 2. 昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,昆明 
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      Objective To meet the individual anesthesia requirements for different surgical procedures for nonhumanprimates that can replace or reduce the use of ketamine. To this aim, we compared the effects on body temperature,heart rate and blood oxygen saturation of ketamine, Zoletil, SumianxinII, pentobarbital, and their combination anesthesiain monkeys. Methods Fifteen healthy female cynomolgus monkeys were divided into the following five groups: Zoletilalone, Zoletil + Sumianxin II, ketamine + Sumianxin II, pentobarbital + Sumianxin II groups, and ketamine alone as acontrol group (n = 5 per group). After the monkeys were anesthetized, the heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygensaturation, induction time, and maintenance time of anesthesia were recorded. Results  There were no significantdifferences in heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, or induction time between the control group andexperimental groups. The maintenance time of each group ranged from about 30 to 200 minutes. Moreover, in generalanesthesia of non-human primates, ketamine can be replaced by Zoletil; Ketamine combined with Sumianxin II can achievea longer maintenance time and a reduced dose of ketamine; Zoletil combined with Sumianxin II and pentobarbital combinedwith Sumianxin II can also replace ketamine, and the maintenance time of these combinations is longer than ketamine.Conclusions During certain operation duration, the combined administration can reduce the dosage of ketamine, and theflexible use of different anesthesia method can meet the individualized needs of different maintenance times in general anesthesia in non-human primates.
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