In vivo imaging of a Nile red-labeled nanoemulsion in tumor-bearing nude mice
Received:May 31, 2018  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2019. 01. 015
KeyWord:Nile red; nanoparticles; in vivo imaging
张凤梅 重庆医科大学实验动物中心,重庆 
李可欣 重庆医科大学实验动物中心,重庆 
余忠姝 重庆医科大学药学院重庆药物高校工程研究中心,重庆 
张景勍 重庆医科大学药学院重庆药物高校工程研究中心,重庆 
潘永全 重庆医科大学实验动物中心,重庆 
韩文莉 重庆医科大学实验动物中心,重庆 
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      Objective The fluorescent dye Nile red (NR) is commonly used in quantitative analysis of lipids in bacteria, fungi, and microalgae. In this study, NR was encapsulated in a nanoemulsion to investigate the tumor targeting and tissue distribution of the nanoemulsion in BALB/ c nude mice bearing H1688 tumors. Methods  To evaluate the prospects of NR as a bioimaging marker for nanoemulsions, its cytotoxicity was investigated in H1688 cells with a CCK-8 assay. An NR suspension (NRS) and NR nanoemulsion NRNE(O) were given by gavage. The dynamic fluorescence intensity distribution of NR in mice was observed with an in vivo fluorescence imaging system. Results The H1688 cells exhibited over 85% viability after incubation with a range of NRNE(O) concentrations for 24 h. The results demonstrated that NRNE(O) absorption in mice and the amount accumulated in tumor tissue were both higher than in the NRS group.Conclusions NRNE(O) has a low cytotoxicity and good biocompatibility. NR in a nanoemulsion combined with an in vivo fluorescence imaging system can reveal the dynamic distribution of the nanoemulsion in mice vividly and reliably in real time. The results of this study indicate that NR has significant application potential as a tracer for the bioimaging of nanoparticles in vivo.
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