Exploration of the risk of renal embolization caused by drug-coated balloon particles in rabbits
Received:September 14, 2018  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1005-4847. 2019. 01. 013
KeyWord:drug-coated balloon; particle; in vivo; embolization; animal model; kidney; rabbit
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      Objective To establish an in vivo model to assess the risk of particle embolization of drug-coated balloons in animals, and to explore the relationship between the diameter of occluded vessels and the particle size of the coating. Methods The distal end of abdominal aorta was blocked with a bare balloon, and then a drug coated balloon catheter was delivered into the abdominal aorta of the rabbit and dilated at the proximal end to observe whether the kidneys had tissue necrosis caused by typical vascular embolization. Results Abnormal lesions of the kidneys are mainly characterized by volume shrinkage, pits, and roughness. Histological examination showed glomerular congestion, loss of cell nuclei and karyolysis, fibrosis, and inflammatory cell infiltration. The pathological process of renal necrosis occurred from the cortex to the medulla, the extent of necrosis was related to the dose, and there was no improvement by self-healing over time. Conclusions The rabbit model we designed is sensitive and can be used to assess the risk of embolization from drug-coated balloons in the body.
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