Effects of 20 Hz sinusoidal or 20 Hz square wave stroboscopic illumination on the eyeball growth in guinea pigs
Received:January 05, 2017  
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KeyWord:Stroboscopic illumination;Frequency;Guinea pig;Myopia;Refraction
邸悦 上海市儿童医院,上海
陆娜 复旦大学附属华山医院北院,上海
周晓东 复旦大学附属金山医院,上海
罗秀梅 复旦大学附属金山医院,上海
乔彤 上海市儿童医院,上海
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      Objective To investigate the effect of prolonged stroboscopic illumination exposure on the growth of eyeball of guinea pig. Methods Thirty 2-week-old guinea pigs were randomized into three groups (n=10 for each). Two strobe-reared groups were raised with 20 Hz sinusoidal and 20 Hz square wave stroboscopic illumination, respectively. The control group received usual light illumination.The illumination intensity was 500 lux. All animals underwent refraction and biometric measurements prior to and after 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of treatment. Finally, flash electroretinograms were compared, and retinal microstructures were examined.Results There was a significant correlation between refractive errors and axial eye elongation, and myopia increasing was observed with eye elongation. After 8 weeks of treatment, the animals raised in 20 Hz sinusoidal and 20 Hz square wave stroboscopic illumination were (-0.75±0.79)D and (-1.50±0.91)D more myopic than the group raised in continuous illumination. The implicit time of the a-wave was delayed by 3.8 and 7.9 ms, respectively. No significant difference was found in retinal ultrastructures among the three groups.Conclusions Chronic exposure to 20 Hz sinusoidal or square wave stroboscopic illumination alters the emmetropization of the guinea pig eye to some extent.
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