Progress in research on the role of microRNA-424 in carcinogenesis and its related mechanism
Received:March 09, 2016  
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刘萍 首都医科大学宣武医院神经内科, 北京
赵海苹 首都医科大学宣武医院脑血管病研究室, 北京
罗玉敏 首都医科大学宣武医院神经内科, 北京 ;首都医科大学宣武医院脑血管病研究室, 北京
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      A member of miR-16 family, miR-424 has been found to be closely related with tumorigenesis, tumor progrssion, prognosis and therapy. This article reviews the expression changes, roles and possible regulating mechanisms of miR-424 in leukemia and various tumors such as breast, cervical, lung, liver and colorectal cancers. Recent studies have demonstrated that the expression of miR-424 is affected by many factors, and miR-424 could be a biomarker of diagnosis, staging and prognosis in cancers,to identify the area of tumor, and be a target of therapy.
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